The Advantages of Keeping a Sketchbook

What is a Sketchbook? A sketchbook is a combination of thoughts, ideas and experiences. It can come in a variety of forms from journals, artists portfolios, online blogs or scrapbooks. I use sketchbooks in the form of scrapbooks when I am approaching a new topic with a class. It occurred to me that I should share this experience with my class and this was the result…

For a WW1 lesson on Toys from 100 years ago I had the children create Scrapbooks that they could add to throughout the topic. Initially the children glued in pictures to their books but I soon saw the children use their books to include imaginative letters from soldiers on the front line and diary entries detailing the troubles of growing up in the war etc. This exercise exceeded my expectations. From what started out as a fun little art exercise has turned into a resource for the children to immerse themselves in independent thought and reflection on what they have learned about WW1. I would highly recommend attempting this with any class. I will post examples of the pupils work shortly.

Below is a picture of how our display looked after they started their scrapbooks. The books are easily accessible for the children in the Topic area – convenient for fast finishers! More photos to follow as the project develops! The display changed daily as new work was added.


Scrapbooks Lesson Plan


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