The Consolarium, Education Scotland, Years Active: 2006-2014

What the Consolarium offered

  • The Consolarium was a centre where education managers, head-teachers and teachers could visit in order to try out a range of computer games and game design technologies in order to discuss the relevance and practical application of them in their schools.
  • There was a team of Development Officers who worked with schools on agreed projects and who could offer support to deliver CPD events and even to speak to parent groups.
  • Education Scotland could loan to schools to support their shared projects a range of game based resources that included games and consoles for example, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PS3 and Xbox360.
  • The team shared what was happening in schools, through a variety of channels. Teachers could collaborate using the Glow group and share the resources and experiences they had with their game based learning and game design classroom practice.

Unfortunately, this initiative has since been pulled. The principles remain as important as ever, only now teachers can no longer rely on this scheme to provide them with resources and support.

visit: Consolarium


Digital Game Making Sites:


Kodu Game Lab





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Andy Warhol and WW1 Camouflage

My Andy Warhol lesson plan that had my class thinking about the advantages of camouflage first used WW1. Whilst this lesson was taking place I pulled aside four children at a time to work on a whole class artwork. Their task was to create camouflage that would help a soldier in WW1. They had to think about colour, texture and environment. I provided them with the paints but they had to mix the appropriate colours for themselves. We used the camouflage for our display:

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Scotland, The Future and Reflective Practitioners: A personal report on the value of reflection and professional enquiry

Creative Industries invest heavily in individual talent, creativity and skill. According to a Creative & Cultural Skills report in 2011, the thirteen industries that define the sector currently account for £37,610 per head in annual economic contribution compared to £31,800 GVA per head for the rest of the United Kingdom’s combined economy (Creative & Cultural Skills 2011). Furthermore, considering the steady rise in the creative sector’s economic contribution per annum, in not only the UK but in terms of the global economy, competition for a creative workforce with an entrepreneurial mind is becoming increasingly topical. Government bodies and agencies are now beginning to plan strategically to safeguard employment and opportunity for the next generation. With a plan to pursue a career in the Scottish education system as a primary school teacher it is crucially important that I understand: Continue reading

Literacy Experiences and Outcomes

Listening and talking
Early First Second Third Fourth

Enjoyment and choice


– within a motivating and challenging environment, developing an awareness of the relevance of texts in my life

I enjoy exploring and playing with the patterns and sounds of language, and can use what I learn.

LIT 0-01a / LIT 0-11a /

LIT 0-20a

I enjoy exploring and choosing stories and other texts to watch, read or listen to, and can share my likes and dislikes.

LIT 0-01b / LIT 0-11b


I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways.

LIT 0-01c

I regularly select and listen to or watch texts which I enjoy and find interesting, and I can explain why I prefer certain sources.

I regularly select subject, purpose, format and resources to create texts of my choice.

LIT 1-01a / LIT 2-01a

I regularly select and listen to or watch texts for enjoyment and interest, and I can express how well they meet my needs and expectations, and I can give reasons, with evidence, for my personal response.


I can regularly select subject, purpose, format and resources to create texts of my choice, and am developing my own style.

LIT 3-01a / LIT 4-01a

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